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Apr 14, 2022
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2022-08-17 - Upload rules, principles and best practices

Hello fellow Clubbers -

As mentioned in a previous news post, our new uploading system is a smash hit and the staff appreciates everyone that has added to the vast sharing library here at DigitalCoreClub.

Anything new always raises questions and the staff would like to take a moment of your time to share some thoughts about uploading at DCC:

Do not upload, or attempt to upload, illegal material such as under-age porn, torture porn, scenes of actual death or any material deemed unauthorized by the staff in any format including (but not limited to) video, games, images and publications.
Multivideo movie packs and XXX packs MUST contain thumbnail contact sheets for each video and these should be in a subfolder in the torrent. Example - you are creating a pack of 10 XXX videos - there should be a subfolder containing thumbnail contact sheets for each video. The exception to this rule are torrents that contain archived (compressed, multi-piece) media files where it is not practical to generate thumbnail contact sheets. Also, authorized members using automation to upload 'scene' releases are exempt - contact the staff for details.
Film media and TV media should have, whenever possible, IMDB information linked to the torrent.
Video media should have, whenever practical, video information such as duration, codec, bit rate, audio languages and other relevant information.
Torrent names should clearly indicate the contents of the torrent. Do not name unauthorized material to attempt to obfuscate its actual content. Please refer to and for a better understanding of torrent name tags.
Film and TV media should follow the 'scene' naming standard of Movie.Name.Year.resolution.source.number of audio codec.release group. This is particularly important for the proper functioning of viewing systems such as Plex.

What is the motivation behind these rules? These are just a few:

- People know what a given download is including the genre, plot, cast and all of the other benefits that come with IMDB information .

- Enhanced search: the search engine will, when an IMDB ID is present, provide all of the uploads of the same title.

- People can see the visual quality and verify the content with screenshots, either individual screenshots or with a thumbnail sheet.

- Media information lets everyone know how a media file is going to look, sound and if there are any subtitles.

Torrents without this very basic supporting information are ignored by most people. The staff realize that some uploaders are using scripts to automatically upload movies and TV episodes directly from release group sources and we can exempt them on a case-by-case basis.

Users that are manually uploading need to follow these guidelines, if no other reason, to make sure that they're getting the maximum exposure for their torrents and that their efforts aren't going to waste. We believe we these rules are 'middle-of-the-road' for private trackers and provide a healthy balance between quality and uploading effort.

New uploaders should review our uploading tutorial to help understand the process for manually uploading to DCC:

Finally, we're happy to have a respectful dialog with users and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.

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